(Research Institute)

Outline of the facility

Heavy ions (carbon ions) are accelerated up to 70% of light speed and are subsequently irradiated into deep tumors within the patient. The procedure is painless.

The medical accelerator being introduced into Gunma University is designed as a relatively compact prototype for installation in several regions throughout Japan. This project has received worldwide attention from health officials and experts in radiotherapy.

Inside the heavy ion irradiation facility

Outline of the Physical Facilities

Site Gunma University Showa Campus, Maebashi, Japan
Construction Structure Reinforced concrete, partially steel-framed
Number of floors 1 below and 2 above ground
Building area 3130 ㎡
Total floor area 6280 ㎡
Main rooms Lobby, waiting room, control hall, irradiation room 1 (horizontal port), irradiation room 2 (horizontal and vertical ports), irradiation room 3 (vertical port), irradiation room 4 (vertical, R&D port), dispensary room, CT simulator room, staff room, conference room, accelerator room, machine room.

Construction schedule

April 2006 Basic design of the facility
January 2007 Contract for apparatus
August 2008 Device carrying
October 2008 Building completion
March 2010 Treatment System Installation
March 2010 Clinical trials begin